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Privacy Notice

Here at Loughborough University we take the protection of your data and your privacy seriously and this part of our website provides information on what personal data we collect; how and why we collect it; how we store it and for how long we keep it. This Notice will also explain how we look after your data and protect your rights in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation.

Further information and guidance on the University’s approach to personal information can be found at the University’s Information Governance webpages at

Real Talk Facilitators What personal information do we hold about you?

We collect personal data from you when you complete the ‘Apply’ form on the Real Talk website to access resources available in the secure section of the website. This helps us to verify who you are and manage your access to our resources.

Why do we collect your information?

The Real Talk website provides clinicians and trainers with access to resources, including real-life video recordings of hospice care, and learning points based on cutting-edge communication science. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, the lawful basis we rely on for providing this resource is the ‘performance of a task in the public interest’. Before we can provide access to these resources, we need to verify that the applicant is a clinician or trainer working in the UK. The data we collect from each applicant in the ‘Apply’ section is limited to the information we need to check each applicant meets Health Research Authority ethics requirements, and to maintain their account on the website. The final decision to allow access to the secure login section is made by the Real Talk team and our lawful basis for processing this information is ‘it is necessary for the performance of a contract’.

Who has access to your data at the University?

The data you supplied on the application form is stored in an encrypted database stored at the University and is only accessed by member of the Real Talk team.

Who do we share your data with outside the University?

We do not share your data outside of the Real Talk team or university.

How long do we keep your information?

If your application is accepted your data is stored securely for as long as you are an active Real Talk user. The Real Talk team will check after 10 months to see if you still require access. You will also be sent a prompt at 11 months. If you do not respond within the next 1 month your access to the secure part of the site will be removed, and your personal data will be permanently deleted. We will check your access requirements once every year. Unless you inform us that you no longer require access to the secure login section of Real Talk, in which case we will permanently delete your personal data from our database within 30 days.

Declined access requests: normally your data will be kept for no longer than 72 hours. However, if we require more information from you in order to decide if we can provide secure login access, we will keep your information for 2 months to allow time for you to provide more evidence your credentials match our criteria. We will send you a prompt after 1 month, and data will be permanently deleted after 2 months if we do note hear from you or you are unable to provide the evidence we need.


Loughborough University does not sell your data to third parties or other organisations.

From time to time, the Real Talk team will use your personal data to conduct analysis that will provide useful information for the project. All analysed data is anonymised. We will not publish any personal information about you based on the analysis we have conducted.

Who can I contact?

If you have a general question about how Real Talk related data is used, please do contact us. You can contact the Real Talk team by the team email Please also contact this email if you have a concern or complaint about how your data is being handled.

If you have any questions more generally regarding Data Protection at the University, then please do contact the Data Protection Officer on or write to The Data Protection Officer at Academic Registry, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK LE11 3TU.

You may find additional useful information and the answer to your query on our Information Governance webpages at

Complaints about Data Protection

If you have taken steps to have a concern or complaint about Loughborough University’s handling of data resolved but are still not satisfied you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who are the relevant regulator for data privacy and protection matters. The ICO can be contacted at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF and your will find more information at

Updates to this policy

This section was last updated in September 2020. It will be reviewed as necessary. If there are significant changes in the processing of your personal data which will impact you, we will act to inform you directly.