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Video-based communication training

Engaging people in end of life talk.

‘Real Talk’ is a novel and flexible communication training resource designed to use in face-to-face and live online training events. It features real-life video recordings of UK hospice care, and learning points based on cutting-edge communication science.

Who is it for?

Access is restricted because the clips are recordings of consultations in which real patients, relatives and doctors are clearly recognisable. All participants gave their permission for their recordings to be used in teaching, but only with certain safeguards. Only trainers registered with the project can use and play the video clips, so only for the purpose of preparing and delivering face-to-face, or online live non-recorded streamed, training in the UK. This access is available free of charge. Click on the map of the UK to see where our registered trainers are based.


Am I eligible?

If you are uncertain whether you meet the criteria to have access to the video clips, please complete the form and one of the team will be in contact to talk through in more detail.

Background to the project

Real Talk has been developed as part of a research programme called VERDIS, and aims to enhance the quality and effectiveness of evidence-based communication skills training in the area of end of life care, advance care planning and talking about loss.

Training Modules